Djokovic 4-6 6-2 6-1 Mannarino – Djokovic finds his backhand after a faltering start on the forehand.

Novak Djokovic has safely navigated his way through to the next round in Cincinnati as he looks to become the first player to complete the Masters Slam but the most important thing will be form going into New York.

Djokovic suffered early on in the match and that was majority thanks to what Mannarino was doing. The forehand of Mannarino was so open and could just stroke the ball and Novak did not adapt well and find the forehand in set one.


Image Credit – Sky Sports

You can see on the graphic above that in that space within 6 ft of the baseline that Novak was only winning 34% of the points in this gap and you can see that the majority of points lost were on the forehand side.

Novak began to move around the court a little bit better as the second set progressed and the speed on his ground strokes which was low to begin with began to pick up.

You can see the way Novak changed the way he was playing.


Image Credit – Sky Sports

In that same 6ft gap he managed to win almost 30% more of points in that zone and you can see on the graphic that he shift the play and managed to get Mannarino to direct his traffic down to the Novak backhand nullifying the attack on Novak’s defence that the forehand did in set one.



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