Kevin Anderson – Hard work, Injury hell, Ranking hit, Comeback, Two Grand Slam finals & No.5 in the world!

Kevin Anderson at the age of 32 is currently playing his best tennis. He has always worked hard and has done so well in moving on and making people open their minds a little bit more about players with a big serve.

There has always been a tour stereotype of players who are really tall having a big serve and being defined just by that and being called a ‘serve bot’

Kevin Anderson is for sure one of those players who has taken his game to the next level. He has improved his whole game and having that serve is a great back up if things don’t get well.

He has improved his net play, he can sometimes look a bit suspect going to the net but so can some of the best as it’s an instinct shot and added risk.

His main weapon is his forehand. The way he plays his serve and usually aims for his opponents forehand looking for that centre of the court ball but can run around the backhand to play that flat inside out but with the backhand it is good but doesn’t have longevity during rallies.

During 2016 he did suffer a injury hell and his ranking plumitted and even when he returned to the tour it took a while to find momentum and to keep going and work as hard as he has done is a credit to his character to improve. make

To have made two Grand Slam finals in the last 12 months is incredible and people will look at his path to the final and criticise because he didn’t have to play top players in certain rounds but you have to win your own matches. It’s easy to say they’ve had an easy draw but you can only win your own and not everyone else’s.

I do think he deserves a lot of credit, he’s a humble guy and now a career high of 5 in the world and is playing his best tennis and I do believe he has evolved his game and deserves respect for that.

His place to London on points accumulated this year looks confirmed but will have big points to defend in New York.

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