Alizé Cornet cleared of doping charge

The ITF can’t really stay out of the headlines at the moment following another anti-doping issue…

A while ago it was announced that a case would be looked into as Alizé Cornet had missed three tests in a 12 month period however it has become a mess on all parts.

Ahead of the third test it was put forward that the doorbell to her apartment was not working and she had asked for her father to fix it while she was away but this wasn’t done. Cornet did not know until 5 days after that she had missed a test.

However it has now come out and the big question is why did this not come out before?

The doping control officer who’s job it is to locate players and carry out these tests admitted when she pressed the doorbell that she didn’t hear it go off and made no other attempt to get in contact with Alizé Cornet.

Honestly, what a farce!

To just ring a door bell that you don’t hear go off and leave is quite something and it says something about the procedures of the ITF need a bit more depth

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