Raonic records his biggest win of the year as Dimitrov misses the benchmark again!

Injuries have been a big issue for Milos Raonic throughout his career. The Canadian has suffered over the last 12 months or so with injury after injury halting any progress he could make leading to the question “what if?” Milos has eight career titles to his name (7 250’s and 1 500) and is 0-4 on Grand Slam/Masters Finals combined and it could be looked back on in years to come as opportunity missed.

In this early round in Madrid the draw put him up against Grigor Dimitrov and this was a meeting where we would find out a lot about both.

I’ve watched a lot of Milos Raonic over the years and I don’t think he will win a major and right now I don’t see him picking up a Masters title. To start with fitness is one issue and to be successful at the top you need to be at the peak of fitness. His game is a little predictable we have seen him introduce more net play and more trust on his backhand but over the years I wouldn’t say I have seen significant improvement like we have with Marin Cilic for example.


I was pleasantly surprised by Milos’ performance. He has improved as the season has gone on and you can this. The serve is standing up more and he has opened up that inside-out forehand and began to push Grigor Dimitrov back and he played a well measured match but I think those ideas will run out against the very best.

Grigor Dimitrov on the other hand has left me confused again. The second set he played a flawless set of tennis as he glided around the back of the court but then it completely changed.

This has been a bit of a theme for the Bulgarian this year. He has struggled to gain momentum and it does feel compared to the tennis he was playing at the O2 in London last year the foot has come off the pedal.

This isn’t the first time this year I have mentioned the tennis Grigor played at the O2 when he won the world tour finals but that is the benchmark and right now he isn’t there.

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