A much needed good week for Grigor!

2017 ended as good as it could for Grigor Dimitrov. The Bulgarian played some of the best tennis we saw on the tour which saw him end the season picking up the World Tour Finals trophy in London but this season he hasn’t found momentum.

The defeats have raised questions, his game does look like it lacks trust at times and that usual ruthless streak which was so frightening to play against but this year we have seen his second serve taking a pelting especially in Rotterdam;

Dimitrov may be ranked No.4 but his second serve needs big improvement

I was impressed with Dimitrov in Monte-Carlo last week.  He looked sharper and bit more motivated. His win against David Goffin was an impressive performance but I felt like the win in the previous round against Philip Kohlschreiber had more emotion and meaning attached.

Grigor was in a tough position in this match but continued to fight to grind back into a match which was getting away from him.

Adapting your game from hard to clay is difficult, you natural whilst looking to take control of rallies put more top spin on the ball to keep the momentum in your favour before you go for the money shot into the open court.

Against Herbert and Kohlschreiber the former world number three did find himself a set down so it was a good comeback performance on both occasions. Ok, he got taken apart from Nadal but who didn’t last week?

I’ve never had Dimitrov down as a clay court player even though his game can adapt very well. He will be in Barcelona this week followed by Madrid and Rome before heading to Roland Garros where he has remarkably only recorded 2 wins in the last 4 years and 5 in 7 career appearances!

He needed this week in Monte Carlo to give him a push which now needs to materialise into a bit of consistent form something that has been lacking over the last 5 months.


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