Angie Kerber – 2018 Resurgence, Relaxed Forehand & Contender Again!

2016 was out of this world. Angie Kerber rose to world number one and picked up two Grand Slam titles in Melbourne and New York as well as a final at Wimbledon. 2017 however was a write off, Kerber failed to gain momentum throughout the season and finished the year ranked 21 in the world with 29 wins.

This year has been a resurgence so far. The German has looked so much more relaxed and is ranked at 10 in the world going into Miami this week.

The resurgence has been good to watch with wins against Venus, Safarova, Cibulkova, Keys, Sharapova, Konta, Pliskova and Garcia with a title pick up in Sydney in her first tournament of the year.

She does look calmer on the court and more composed. That grit and fight on the baseline which was missing last year was replaced by frustration but she is looking much better.

Her performance against Sharapova was exceptional as she pushed the Russian around the court to make her life so difficult and the forehand is so much more relaxed now it allows her to play to her strengths.

The forehand gives Kerber so much to build on and is unpredictable to where she is going to send it. A confidence crisis hit her last year as the world number one the pressure showed and it began to spray around the court but she’s using it so well at the moment getting herself in positions to take control of rallies.

 ak fh

Image Credit -BT Sport

You can see from this still and this is just one of many forehands from Kerber the way she gets into this position setting herself up and then it brings plenty of options. You can’t really tell where she is going now, she could flatten it out cross court, go hard down the middle or add some spin and tuck it inside-out.

To see her back in this form is so good for the women’s game and just adds another name to the mix as a busy summer of tennis is to begin shortly.


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