Osaka’s backhand isn’t her strongest but her ability to redirect it is impeccable.

It’s not often you say a backhand of a player isn’t their strongest shot but their ability to redirect it is stunning, that’s just a compliment to how good she is, her forehand and backhand and lets take a look at the two hander.

She is good defensively with the two hands and offensively and she has shown how she can turn rallies in seconds.

There is a couple I am going to look at but this one is my favourite;

Image Credit – BT Sport

From the still it doesn’t look like much is going on but the redirection is out of this world. Osaka hasn’t moved since she hit the shot and if you look closely you can see the ball near the far baseline but it’s almost a metre to the side of her.

The way she connects with all power from her body focused in that swing on a break point shows guts and belief. To get the ball to go wide of her she hits it towards the top of the racket head and guides it with the swing of the racket down the line for a winner, stunning!

Image Credit – BT Sport

The other one I want to focus on is this one. This rally is just in the favour of the Russian until she takes a bit of pace off the ball and Osaka redirects the ball up the line but also the power shifts in the rally. Kasatkina had control here but you can see she’s lost control and is scampering to get to it but because of the accuracy and lack of time she has she can only slice back and eventually loses the point.

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