Nothing wrong with being predictable when you are that good!

Juan Martin Del Porto is one of the tours most talented players. He has never failed to produce and perform on the biggest stages and there is a predictability about his game but it isn’t a bad thing at all.

I always say players need to be less predictable and I stand by that, some are predictable and not effective but there are a small minority of players that have predictable game plans but it’s difficult to stop.

We know the forehand is the shot of Del Potro’s but the backhand has been effective despite being predictable.

Image Credit – Sky Sports

You can see this graphic shows the backhand placement of Del Porto. During the rallies he goes down the line and rarely gets a winner but as you can see 14% of the time he goes down the line and 50% of them are winners.

The forehand sets this up for him, it’s such a flat shot with depth and spin on it you can rarely defend effectively against it. He throws them down over 95mph giving you no time to react or adjust.

Simple but effective, even during his spell away from tennis due to those horrible wrist injuries he’s come back and is playing that game again which is a credit to how good he is as I’ve said time and time again tennis moves on and you have to catch up but some are just that good and Juan is one of them!

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