Stopping this man will be a tough challenge in London!

Roger Federer has timed his tournaments well this year. The swiss star is favourite for the tour finals in London next week and missing Paris seems to have helped his chances. He did have a back issue but did look pretty fresh against Andy Murray in Glasgow.

No one knows their way around an indoor hard court like Roger and it was interesting to listen to him talk about tactics the other night and saying going to the net is key and this what we have seen from him in these circumstances.


Roger on this surface is difficult to play against it’s almost as if he plans ahead which we saw in his comeback with against Del Potro in Basel.

RF 1

What Federer is looking to do is find the weak spot in a players respective game. For Del Potro it is that defensive backhand and once Federer could get their once he continued to plug away until he had full control and could follow in. If you see his feet above he is moving ready to hit that deep forehand and close off the angle at the net.

It doesn’t have to be a strong forehand but a measured one is always as effective.

This is what I find frustrating with some of the younger players on the tour it just seems to be a power focus and the craft that the older players bring to the game is lacking when these youngsters need to find variety. Variety on hard court is very important and with 80% of the tour played on hard this is why we continue to see players adapt their games.

He is the man to beat but I don’t think there is any stopping him in London!


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