Analysis – Muguruza needs to revisit serve direction after early exit in Singapore

Garbine Muguruza started off in Singapore as a lady who meant business but her run ended quickly but what let her down when it mattered the most?

Looking back at her match against Venus Williams which sealed her fate at the championships what let her down was the serve.

All week we have been saying how slow the court is in Singapore and this is what lets Garbine down a little on the hard courts as you have to create speed, spin and bounce in difficult circumstances. The serve I wouldn’t say was predictable but it was short, flat and slow which allowed Venus time to adapt to the serve and made the third shot of the rally on Garbine’s serve a defensive one.

Let’s take a look at one…

Facing break point, Venus is confident stood on the baseline and ready to move. Serve down the T not the best choice right now. Venus’ eyes must light up at this point as a good forehand sends this ball straight down the middle.


Image Credit – WTA / BT Sport

However a serve out wide on the tramline will push Venus off the court but then gives Venus an option of returning cross court (red) or down the line (yellow). You could argue and say the T serve would benefit Garbine as it’s only going one way so it is easier to read but there is nothing worse than a ball hit right at you as it looks the feet and Garbine put herself in trouble as you can see below.


Image Credit – WTA / BT Sport

I think Garbine has to find some dominance on serve. She got broke too many times in Singapore making it difficult for herself and the stats back it up with just 58% won behind first serve and 29% behind the second serve, this will not win you titles in situations like this.

Going forward I think her serve is fine on grass and clay because of the surface but on some hard courts it could do with mixing it up make life easier for her.



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