569 wins and 27 titles but the latest might just be the beginning for Caro

Even just at 27 years old Caroline Wozniacki is a bit of a veteran on the tour. As a former world number one the Dane has had many ups and downs on the tour but has just come off the back end of her most successful week winning her 27th career title but her biggest to date winning the WTA Finals for the first time.

caro 1

Caro has been on the tour for some time and has fought hard time and time again and in the last 18 months has turned her career around after poor form and injury saw her drop to 73 in the world just over a year ago but is now sat at 3 for the end of 2017.

Everything does seem to have come together for Caro over the length of the season. Earlier on in the year I said that 1 title win from 7 finals isn’t great but the Dane has had a successful season and it is unfair to look at the success of a season and define a success of a season by the amount of titles one.

This could be the making of Woz and I will be doing a piece on her game and where she should focus in my opinion but a big if is building on this success. This wasn’t a fluke from the Dane she turned up and after 569 wins the best may yet follow.

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