Ostapenko 6-3 6-1 Pliskova – Karolina must ditch the casual approach going forward!

There is no such thing as a dead rubber in Singapore anymore. After their respective second round robin matches in the group Karolina Pliskova had qualified for the semi-finals where as Jelena Ostapenko was going home but you wouldn’t have thought that when these two met earlier today.

From the beginning Ostapenko looked more up for it and maybe you could see this match as a free hit for Jelena as her fate had been sealed but for Pliskova to become a top champion performances like that need to be ditched as you could look on and say I’ve won the group already but looking at that performance you won’t be putting opponents off.

After the first set Karolina called on her coach and to be honest the decision making got worse in set two, it was rushed and had panic written all over it! A point in the third game of the second set summed up the performance which I will take a look at below. Pliskova began with a good backhand cross court on the service return of Jelena forcing the Latvian to play that high backhand slice and Karolina approached it poorly.

KP smash...

Image Credit – WTA / BT Sport

This is just before Karolina is to hit it, there is no power on it, no conviction just made contact with the ball and you can see Jelena on her bike and she made it to hit a forehand down the line winner.

Going forward Karolina has to find that ruthlessness on a consistent basis and that  is what was so surprising taking into her consideration her two previous wins and her form over the last few months to be a top player mistakes in rallies and a lack of ruthlessness for a player who can be very ruthless but was too casual and casual only ends in one result in Singapore.

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