Ruthless Kyrgios through to Beijing SF’s

Nick Kyrgios has served himself into the semi-finals with a ruthless performance against Steve Darics in Beijing.

The Belgian did seem to be suffering with a neck injury in the match which he received treatment for but to Nick’s credit he didn’t let up or slow down he just went for it.

I said a while ago Nick has the best serve on the tour and I still stand by that. The power and accuracy is something else on it’s day and we saw the frustration from Darcis who launched his racket at the end of the match after a 134mph second serve ace sealed a 6-0 3-0 win.

Mark Petchey on Sky Sports was part of the commentary team this morning from Beijing and he said something many would agree with that his serve is as good and could be better than one of the best servers the game has seen in Pete Sampras.

On the Ad side we saw Nick go for that kick out wide which even a fully fit Darcis would struggle against and down the deuce side he aimed for the T time and time again and it workedand even if Darcis was the best returner in the world returning a 130mph+ serve down the T with interest on it to pro-long a rally further than three shots is extremely tough!


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