Federer proves he’s the main man once again!

12 months ago Roger Federer fell down on centre court at Wimbledon in defeat to Milos Raonic in the semi-finals unfortunately he then missed the remaining 6 months of the season but what has happened since is quite remarkable.

As you get older you are meant to slow down and the end of your career is getting closer right now he just keeps getting better.

When Roger fell last year and missed 6 months you wouldn’t blame him for potentially calling it a day especially at this point it had been a long four years without a major title but he believed, adapted and won again.

When it matters the most he is the main man on the tour this year. Melbourne, Indian Wells, Miami and now Wimbledon when he plays at these major tournaments he wins and the message he’s sent not only to the other ‘top four’ members but also to the upcoming stars on the tour is that he isn’t done yet.

I don’t think what he has achieved this year has received the credit deserved. Not only did he go and win these titles but the changes to his game. At the age of 35 he seems to be playing quicker than ever before. His service motion has been fast throughout his career but seems to race through games and still plays with elegance and flashy style which works really well though!



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