Murray outlasts Ramos-Vinolas in ‘Messy Marathon’ at Barcelona!

Sometimes you actually don’t know where to begin. After going through the motions last week in Monte Carlo tennis fans especially those who support Murray groaned a little when they saw Albert Ramos Vinolas would play the Brit again but a sigh of relief after what can only be described as a ‘messy marathon.’

The first set of tennis from a Murray fan perspective was horrific. I described it on twitter as the worst set I have seen from him this year and if we want to go further back, Federer at the O2 a couple of years ago?

As the first set went on it got a little awkward, you start thinking back to last week’s mess of a final set from Murray and it felt like the same. Murray finished the first set with 35% of first serves in which is something I don’t think I’ve seen before and hit 21 unforced errors in 8 games which is almost 3 a game.

Watching the match my word to describe the first set was ‘flat’. Murray just never got into it. The backhand lacked power, the forehand either hit the net or went long and the serve didn’t pose a threat and just couldn’t generate power.

To describe the second set I would use the word ‘grit’ Murray got stuck in and certainly found a little bit of rhythm. Rallies certainly became extended and he started to peel off the backhand but it wasn’t as flat as he would have hoped for.

Despite going down 0-2 in the final set I felt an ‘inevitability’ that Murray would get over the line. The difference in his tennis from set one compared to set three was night and day, he controlled that baseline which is something he struggled with as Albert did camp about 2-3 metres constantly throughout the match but Murray began to find the forehand the backhand but especially the net play made a massive difference as the Brit took the final set tie-break to set up a semi-final with Dominic Thiem.


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