Bouchard was brutal but Sharapova is letting her tennis do the talking!

I’ve been quite vocal over the last few months about my views on Sharapova receiving wildcard after wildcard and I don’t think it is right. However let’s put ourselves in her shoes, if you’re offered it you would take it!

Eugenie Bouchard has hit the headlines once again this week and this time it’s to do with her brutal comments over Sharapova’s return to the tour saying she’s a cheater and shouldn’t be welcomed back with open arms and I do see where the Canadian is coming from.

The fact is rules were broken. Opinions will fly around and whether you think it was intentional or not is a matter of opinion the rules were broken at the end of the day!

I won’t give credit for the sake of giving credit but you have to praise Sharapova for the way she has returned. She hasn’t made a big song and dance she has just let it happen and taken it as another tournament and let her tennis do the talking.

Sharapova is experienced. She knows how to work the press and she fully understands people won’t agree with her return but she isn’t fazed at all. I do like to see players give their opinions but you make it and you move on and what Sharapova has done this week is let her tennis do the talking.

Maria has faced question after question this week about returning, the ban and fellow players comments but she’s kept her cards close to her chest. She isn’t bothered and her tennis is doing the talking and it will take time for fans worldwide to move on and she accepts that and some players might not but you can’t fault her work she has done these last few months to be ready for the tour again.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard comments from Radwanska and Bouchard about her return and I like to hear from a player’s perspective I think it is refreshing but at the same time focus on your own game, let your tennis do the talking!

I think they and others could learn an awful lot from Maria and how she goes about her business in press conferences and leading up to tournaments.

I don’t agree with the offer of wildcards to her as she was banned for breaking rules so I agree it does send out the wrong message but she isn’t fighting these comments she is letting her tennis do the talking and I think others should let there’s do it to.



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