19 wins, 1 defeat and 3 titles but Federer is set to take a 2 month break!

He made the improbable happen. Roger Federer came back from 6 months away from tennis to win the Austrailan Open, Indian Wells and Miami but now the former world number one is set to take a two month break from the tour as he will skip the preparation for Roland Garros and will arrive in the French capital ready for the second major of the year.

This season has just been pretty unbelievable, no one and probably not even Roger himself could imagine to make such an immediate impact on tour and to be winning title after title he is the main man right now and is taking advantage of others players poor form.

This year alone Federer has won 7 matches against top 10 players and also defeated some good top 20 ranked players including Kyrgios and Del Potro this last week and it just magnifies the level these players have to reach on a consistent basis even when they have been missing from the tour for a while.

Federer missed 6 months of tennis and is schooling some of these players! This is the standard you need to compete, the level is so high and realistically some may not achieve it but even from being away from the sport on a competitive level for what is quite some time and come back and be ahead of some of the best is a testament to his level of work he puts in.

Time and time again I use the phrase tennis doesn’t wait and if you stand still it quickly moves on and it is difficult to keep up but right now Roger is ahead and even though he will skip the clay court season before arriving in Paris you’d expect him to be a contender in Paris once again. 

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