Vesnina’s win at Indian Wells deserves to be shouted about, so let’s do it!

Elena Vesnina and Svetlana Kuznetsova may not be the most recognisable names in the sport but hey, they deserved to be shout about so let’s do it.

On Monday I was on my way home from seeing Emeli Sande in Birmingham so I missed the Indian Wells finals went onto BBC website and no headlines at all. Only headline was about Federer, they do realise that a women’s match did take place right?

I don’t doubt for one moment if it were Serena Williams or Angie Kerber in the final they would write about it but just because it may not be a household they still deserve respect.

Who cares if it isn’t?

Sport is all about being inspired and ironically BBC put together some Get Inspired campaign/publicity stunt after the Olympics and still run it now but what can be more inspiring than two underdogs in sport achieving something beyond their wildest dreams at one of the biggest tournaments in the world, what isn’t inspiring about that? Come on BBC…

Former Grand Slam champion Svetlana Kuznetsova had previously been a finalist at Indian Wells and up 7-6 4-1 it looked like she was on route for her first title in the desert but her fellow Russian had other ideas and turned it around big time to win in three sets!

Last year Vesnina found it tough on the singles tour and 13 months ago was ranked outside the top 120 in the world now she is knocking on the door of the top ten. She said she turns up every year to Indian Wells and now is champion.

Stories like these don’t happen all the time, it proves anything is possible if you continue to work hard so let’s keep shouting about it!


Photo Credit – Getty Images


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