Nick Kyrgios has the best serve in tennis right now but it isn’t all down to power!

There seems to be more variety and options on serve at the moment however I’ve been keeping an eye on many serves but I think Nick Kyrgios has the best serve on the tour right now but what makes it great? Let’s have a look…


The power is ridiculously good. On the tour it is difficult to generate power but to do it effectively and consistently at the highest level and as well some of the toughest conditions on the tour.

We see first serves knocking about a 130+mph and also we have been witnessing a second serve aces around 119mph which takes balls and he has that all or nothing attitude on serve which you could say is risky but he has the confidence and he does hit double faults but in ratio to hitting aces/hitting it in and double faults it is rare to see a double fault.


My favourite word in tennis. To reach the top you need variety and Nick has it on serve and in his game but the serve is probably at the moment most effective because it’s the first point of the rally it’s a point setter and with slice, flat and topspin serves on offer he can mix it up.

nk serve variety

This graphic is not the clearest ever but it highlights the different serves. You can see on the ad side of the court there is less variety but the serve is more accurate whether he looks to the T or the out-wide serve. Flat serve on this side is the most used, Nick just chucks it down at 130+mph in a tight angle forcing you to stretch.

The deuce side is where there is more variety. Two differences stand out for me with this serve into the deuce side. The first one is there are more slice serves which means less pace on the ball and drops closer to the net but gives that kick option and the opportunity to follow into the net.

The other thing that stands out to me is not the type of serve but the serve placement. If you look down the centre of the box there is a mix of topspin, flat and slice and with the speed Nick generates it jams the body and you cannot do anything with it!

Power is a big part of the serve but it’s not all about that one aspect. I love players who take a risk and have the ability to back it up, Nick may hit a few double faults but if anything it gives false hope to opponents. Double faults are a gift to opponents but when the serve is as good as it is from Nick right now there is only one winner and it will only get better!


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