Rattled! Kyrgios defeats Djokovic for the 2nd time in 3 weeks!

History, these two have it after just one previous meeting but the tension was there from the first ball of the match


The serving especially in set one from the Australian was out of this world. It was so good the only reaction I had was a laugh in disbelief in how bloody brilliant it was.


This graphic mid-way through the first set shows how brutal his serve was with just two of the shots returned and what made me laugh is on second serve you sometimes think better slow it down a little then Nick hits a 121mph second serve ace which is a joke and un-returnable followed by a 119mph second serve ace in the fourth game of the second set 🙂


It is quite interesting to listen to players during a match and Nick is one of those vocal players who does compliment his opponent as well. In the third game of the second set he responded to two winners of Novak’s but describing one as “too good” and the other as “scary” or maybe he was just talking about how brilliant he was playing?

Gave him nothing!

Watching the match Kyrgios gave him nothing to deal with and was sending almost dead balls over the net. To be honest the depth Nick got on the ball in rallies wasn’t maybe as good as expected but despite little amount of depth Novak had nothing to work with.

nk 1

Realistically on the court to be aggressive and in control you want to be hitting that red box area but Kyrgios hitting more towards the blue but despite this higher position on the court because of his athleticism at the back of the court and ability to scramble for points and the fact he gave Novak pretty useless balls to create off he literally gave him nothing and Djokovic couldn’t make something out of nothing!


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