Popcorn at the ready…

It is like all my dreams have come true. Tuesday at Indian Wells looks set to be a marvellous day of tennis with some magnificent match ups and here is my pick of the lot!

Rafael Nadal v Fernando Verdasco

Popcorn at the ready? These two have produced some absolute classics. I’ve loved watching Fernando through his career he is one of my favourites. When I first watched him to now he has that swagger, the skill of these two is incredible.

Miami in 2015 they played each other and it was one of my favourite matches of the year. They are so similar but they complement each other so well. The forehand and backhand and what I love the most is the serve, they have that lefty swinging serve which I admire so much.

I can’t really call this one, Fernando on his day is brilliant but it’s tough to predict. Fernando has won 3 of their last 5 meetings on the tour after going 9 years and 15 matches without a win against his fellow Spaniard…

Ok, still got popcorn?

Not too sure where to start. They have never met before but you can guarantee they will many of times over the next few years.

I like both players, they play their own game and it works well for them. Out of the two I would have to pick Nick. I’m a big fan of his, I do think he is unfairly criticised at times but has been very good this year and what I find so frustrating is that it seems to be a major news story if he curses during a match, find me a player that hasn’t cursed during a match!
Between the two, Kyrgios has more power in his game where as Zverev likes a more measured and thought out approach you could see it as method v instinct which has the potential to be a cracker!

Novak Djokovic v Juan Martin Del Potro

Ok, do we have any popcorn left?!

By this match I think we will all need a lie down. Del Potro returned to the tour last year stole the hearts of tennis fans and broke Novak’s heart in Rio and they have history at Indian Wells.

Now the former world number one is on a 18 match winning streak in the Californian desert and guess who the last player was to beat Novak at Indian Wells? You got it, DelPo.
Watching Novak play against Kyle Edmund it wasn’t a performance where I thought he played very well. Out of 10 I would probably have to say 6.5 so who knows another upset at Indian Wells could be brewing…



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