Similar story once again for Radwanska as Bellis stars in Dubai!

Last week I spoke about Agnieszka Radwanska and her lack of aggression against Caroline Wozniacki and once again we have a similar story as the former Wimbledon champion fell in three sets to 17 year old Cici Bellis in Dubai.

Watching the match back it is the similar talking points, the serve especially the second serve is one of the big ways into the match for an opponent of Agaโ€™s with the Pole winning just 13/28 points behind which might not sound too bad but is below 50%.

Something I saw too much of was that lack of depth but it can be turned around and maybe she needs to take a step forward literally on the court and be less defensive.

At the end of the first set between the two we saw this graphic as shown below showing the rally hit point.

ย c5sc6ewwqaifsn9

You can see Aga was spending the majority of the set about a metre behind the baseline but looking at the graphic you could just turn around and say that Bellis was too aggressive and Aga couldnโ€™t deal with it but watching the match you just hoped that the Pole would take that step forward as there was an opportunity but her shot depth wasnโ€™t asking questions of Bellis.

ย depth

Now, what I have put together may look a bit confusing but it is pretty self explanatory. This isnโ€™t an accurate impression of the depth but the bigger the green rectangle the better, the bigger the red rectangle the worse as there isnโ€™t much depth on shots with no power or aggressive behind and the yellow is the bit in the middle.

You can see how small Agaโ€™s green box is, there werenโ€™t too many times when she got that ball near the paint work of the baseline but too many shots were played in that red area not asking questions of Bellis but just going through the motions instead of cranking up the gears.


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