Rotterdam Preview – Benoit Paire v Marin Cilic

Sometimes I use the phrase you never know what you are going to get and I think this applies to both Benoit Paire and Marin Cilic.

I watched Marin at the Australian Open and his defeat against Dan Evans was a bit predictable in how his game or lack of game plan evolved and subsequently ending in defeat I think I called the performance wooden. On the other side of the court you have the unpredictable and either brilliant or frustrating Benoit Paire you don’t know what you will get!

One thing that bothered me watching Marin Cilic against Dan Evans in Australia was the lack of ideas from the former US Open champion. If I were Benoit Paire I’d be looking at using some slice to go into the backhand of corner of Cilic which frustrated him a lot during the match with Dan and you could see that when he tried to end rallies going big with the backhand cross court but Dan coped well and then the inside-out forehand flicked up the line just didn’t pay off.

Paire is unpredictable and his skill is incredible. He does like a serve and volley and does like that spinning serve out wide which results in quick rallies but could longer rallies be more beneficial for the French man?

I’ll leave this here, his touch around the net at times is perfect!

It is prediction time and it is a tough one to predict. Cilic has won 1 out of his 4 matches this year but did defeat Paire twice last year all of which were on a hard court. The opportunity is there for Paire but can he take it?



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