Serena triumphs for a seventh time in Melbourne!

You won’t find a better sibling duo in world sport than Serena Williams and Venus Williams. These two are the gift that keep on giving and at the respective ages of 35 and 36 they don’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

Last year there were times especially for Serena when you questioned whether she would reach those great heights again and well she has come up with the answer.

On a whole it was such an incredible and emotional match to watch yesterday. There are matches that hit you in the heart and this is up there for me with Murray winning the US Open and Wimbledon and Puig winning Olympic Gold it’s something myself and many will never forget.

Something else I will never forget is the speeches from both at the end, it was refreshing and emotional to see some heart in it instead of the usual thanking the sponsors etc… but Venus Williams with her speech stole the show

“Good evening in Australia, Hello aroundΒ the world!”

Video via YouTube Channel – Australian Open TV



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