Federer, Serena & Rafa – Even the best have something to prove!

They have won 53 Grand Slam titles between them but you could say they have something to prove after winning all these titles there is always that pressure to do well. There is no doubting of any of the players’ skills but after time away from the tour can they do it again and as I say the tour waits for no one and moves quickly!

Rafael Nadal

It’s been a while. Nearly three years in fact since the Spaniard won a Grand Slam title his last was back in 2014 at Roland Garros since then he has lost that inevitability and fear factor of winning and his drop down the rankings magnifies that. His game I think lacks a plan B at times and has been caught out in a time where players are playing with such variety I do believe there has been an over-reliance in his game. The forehand has lost it’s bite and injuries have not helped the Spaniard in recent years but could it be his year again having not won down under since 2009?

Serena Williams

It used to be a case of not if but when now I’m just starting to think will we saw Serena win another major. It still feels weird calling her the world number two but she is.

If anything we recent losses in majors and there being some uncertainty around her form going into the first major of the year you could argue that there is more pressure on her now to win again than there was on her as world number one but the more early exits that could follow would mean less focus on her as the hunt for Grand Slam number 23 continues.

Roger Federer

2016 was a tough year for Roger with injury but now he is back after missing half of last season due to a number of injury issues. The former world number one looked in good spirits and looked fresh ahead of the first major as he teamed up with Belinda Bencic for Hopman Cup.

As a team they worked well and had a good laugh with both returning from injury this year hoping to boost their ranking once again and challenge for the majors with both players at different stages in their careers. The last time Federer was champion in Melbourne was back in 2010 will 2017 be the fifth time on the honours list?


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