Hard Work, Passion & Tears! Gilles Muller wins his first ATP tour title

Tennis has a habit for producing those moments of pure passion and emotion and it’s been up to it’s old tricks once again as Gilles Muller picked up the first title of his career.

Gilles is probably one of the nicest and down to earth players on the tour and in life if you ever need a lesson in working hard, determination and passion then look no further.

I’ve seen some emotional speeches but I think this one just hits more than most after winning his first title at the age of 33.

Gilles Muller.png

The emotion is so real and it’s well deserved for Muller. He’s fought a lot in her career and a couple of years ago was ranked outside the top 300 in the world. For the past 12 months or more he has been a consistent member of the top 60 and has just cracked the top 30 for the first time!

After winning and making his speech he said

“Sorry, it just mean’s so much to me to win my first title in-front of my boys and my wife”

Well done Gilles!!


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