Why cool & calm Karolina is one to watch in Melbourne…

Karolina Pliskova is just finding her feet a bit on the tour. The Czech star made her first Grand Slam final last year at the US Open and now after her title win in Brisbane as ever she looks cool and calm and is a firm contender for the first major of the year!

I’ve watched Karolina time and time again and I always use the same two words for describe her tennis, cool and calm! She looks in control, she knows what she is doing and it will take something big to do this with a big standout shot in her game but also a weakness which needs working on.

Inside-out forehand

This shot is one of the best in tennis and Karolina executes it incredibly well! It’s so popular on the men’s and women’s tour but does sometime leave the backhand loose but Karolina has it lined up perfectly.

kp inside out.png

Screenshot credit to the WTA

You can see from the still above that she has opened up the court. She has backed up into this forehand position well, her shot making is good but so is her footwork she moves well around the back of the court and from here opens up the flat forehand cross-court or can swing the shot up the line, either way you can see Cornet at the top of the screen playing a game of stuck in the mud not wanting to commit to soon!

Net play…

This is where it can get tricky. It isn’t often in a 6-0 6-3 win in a final you pick faults in the winners performance but at the net it didn’t really happen.

The timing of the shot making was off and shot selection was unusual. I think at the same time you have to praise Cornet who sent the slices and the drop shots into the backhand side of the net for Pliskova to react to meant she had to use the backhand which just didn’t have the composure to produce winners.


It’s possible and likely. She has proven she can beat the best, she has her feet on the ground and I expect her to get better and better throughout the year and could be top 5 by Wimbledon most definitely!

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