Grigor Dimitrov wins Brisbane ahead of the first major of the year!

At the start of the week I Grigor Dimitrov looked determined. Throughout the whole of 2016 the Bulgarian won just three matches against top ten players in 365 days but in 7 days of tennis of he has matched that with wins against Dominic Thiem, Milos Raonic and now Kei Nishikori.

I couldn’t be more pleased for Dimitrov, I said I fancy this being a big year for him. The last couple of months of last year things started to pick up and get some good results before the season ended and his game on a whole looks tough to break down.

In the past I’ve spoken about weaknesses in his game and how I felt the backhand has gone from a strength to a weakness and over-relied on but his game has moved on so much from there and I can’t pick on a stand-out weakness!

Forehand cross-court / down the line
backhand down the line / cross court
forehand follow to the net
serve down the T / outwide

The whole performance was exceptional! I can’t pick a fault in it and right now he does look like he can keep going.

I think it is good that he isn’t playing the week before the Australian Open. Momentum is key but at the same time so is rest and recouperation. Another week of intense tennis would not be beneficial in my opinion ahead of a big major. The feeling is there take it to Melbourne and practice, youre the headline maker of the first week you don’t want an early exit prior to the first Grand Slam of the year.

Well done Grigor!grigordimitrov2017brisbaneinternationaloevmrrkykdnl

Photo credit to Getty Images


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