First blood Djokovic – Passion, Pain, Fight and Smiles!

2017 has kicked off with a bang! An inevitable final between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic was on the cards and as expected it happened and as ever it didn’t disappoint as it was filled with drama, passion, fight and at the end smiles!


Screenshot credit for BritishEurosport2

It was just epic, the first set went the way of the Serb and then it looked like Novak would seal it in two but the world number one wasn’t done just yet saving three match points before going on to take the second set 7-5 against the defending champion.

If you think that was intense the third set was something out of this world. Intense doesn’t even go far to describing what it was like! It was seriously epic from both players, close calls and pain they were going through they forced each other to their best and it could have gone either way.

The picture at the beginning is what this sport is about they may be good friends and competitors but always have a laugh at the end!

If you need to ever look up the definition of passion and giving it all, just re-watch that!

Well done gents, that was bloody brilliant!


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