Verdasco sinks Goffin after masterclass in Doha!

Sometimes in sport you just have to say “too good!” Fernando Verdasco was in a ruthless mood as her dispatched David Goffin in Qatar in what was a stunning performance from the experienced Spaniard but at the same time Goffin didn’t exactly perform to the standard we know he can and played into Fernando’s hands with a poorly managed game plan…

Return of serve (or lack of)

I didn’t really get what I was watching and within the first couple of games I was shocked by what we saw from Goffin.

goffin return.png

On the ad side time and time again you see Fernando go for the kick into the corner of the box but this was more central and I surprised how quickly David committed to the backhand forcing him to play an unorthodox forehand return which was short and central and Fernando picked it off to hit the winner.

Flat forehand v fiery forehand

David Goffin’s forehand was flat and predictable. It wasn’t asking any questions of Fernando and was safe and ineffective.


Just an example above during a neutral rally but Fernando had him where he wanted him. There were no angles created or pace on the shot it was like watching a pre-season training session.

On the other hand you have Fernando Verdasco’s fantastically fiery forehand. It was perfect. I could have picked multiple examples when he produced this brilliant shot. If there is one player to see live it is Fernando, on his day he is unstoppable. His talent and skill was magical throughout the match and deserved the win.

fernando fh.png

The example I’ve chosen is this one above early in the second set when Fernando sends one flying down the line. He peppered the defence of Goffin and got him deep on the court as you can see using his backhand and forehand its extent before the invitation opened up and Fernando signed, sealed and delivered the forehand and his place in the next round in what was a well-constructed performance from the experience Spaniard.



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