Lucas Pouille leaves it late to see of Gilles Simon in Brisbane

Brisbane looked like coming to a swift end for Lucas Pouille earlier this morning as he quickly fell 0-5 down to Gilles Simon after being pushed around the court by his fellow Frenchman but the 22 year old wasn’t done then and turned on the style to edge out Simon 7-6 7-6 to advance to the next round in Brisbane.

Pouille is known for his fiery attack from the baseline using that inside-out forehand to go up the line or cross court and has the net skill to follow it in at the net but it just didn’t get going for a while which is where you have to credit Simon who kept the ball deep with power forcing Pouille to use his backhand and the longer the rallies went on Simon kept in control of the momentum as Pouille wasn’t allowed to let loose with the forehand but he changed it up at the last minute in set one…

The serve went from 1 to 10 in a couple of minutes. There didn’t seem to be much plan with it in the opening stages but we got to see the full extent of the variety on his serve and made it effective throughout the remainder of the match which we can see below…

 t serve sp.png

The shot I’ve chosen is the one down the T. It was so on point the swing of the ball the connection with the racket, everything was exceptional! It’s a good serve to use when up in a game as you can it is used on set point, it forces the opponent into no man’s lands and the best return possible is a slice or volley which will inevitably end up short in the court and Pouille can step forward with the forehand and take his pick!

The other serve was the slice out-wide especially on the ad side, we saw it a few times on big points and followed it up at the net well with his wonderful volley techniques which have got better and better!

Finally the backhand slice. Getting the better of your opponent isn’t always about powering them off the court hitting winner after winner but gaining control of momentum and the slice off the backhand kept Simon quiet and Pouille managed the momentum well on route to sealing his victory in Brisbane.


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