Can Radwanska find that bite to challenge the best on the tour?

At the 2015 WTA Finals it was Agnieskza Radwanska who walked away as champion in Singapore and I remember after the finals I said this is her chance to go to that next level and challenge the very best in the world and in all honesty there wasn’t anything that caught my eye at all and to go to that next level she needs to find that biting shot!

Aga is not a player to power you off the court but technically is one of the best on the tour but needs to hurt players more. Time and time again we see these well executed shots from the Pole which at times leave you speechless but turning that wow into a consistent winner seems to be tough.

Top record

First of all we will look at her record against some of the top players on the tour…

Serena – 0/10
Sharapova – 2/13
Kerber – 6/6 (Kerber won three of last four)

Kvitova – 5/6

Muguruza – 4/4

Halep – 5/5

No winning head to head against these top players and there are plenty more you could throw into this. Record against Kerber, Kvitova, Muguruza and Halep isn’t bad but recent meetings have gone against the Pole.

Kerber, 3 games, Singapore

I felt a little uncomfortable watching this match, Aga was blown off the court it was a demolition job by the world number one but could be seen as a valuable lesson but Aga never managed to get Kerber moving.

Kerber will defend deep but creep inside the baseline but to get the better of her you have to take risks and as I call it paint the lines and I was astonished to see how little Aga placed shots towards the baseline.


One phrase, asking for trouble. That isn’t good enough from Aga at all and this is the difference from being a contender to being a champion, little things make the big difference!


Finding depth with little power in your game can be tough which is why I’d expect to see more of a slice from Aga but the lack of bite and control turns the neutral rallies on their head within a couple of seconds.

aga 2.png

You can see the shot above, there isn’t much going on in the rally, Aga’s just played a short backhand to the centre of the court and Kerber finds that bite and launches a stunning forehand down the line fooling Aga.

The body position of the German suggests that she is potentially thinking about that forehand cross court but opens up the racket head hit flick it off the top and sticks it down the line for a winner.

Honestly I thought winning in Singapore in 2015 would push Aga a bit further but I think others have overtaken her right now. This year we saw the rise of Kerber at a later stage in her career but also progression from young players on the tour like Muguruza.

Finding that bite isn’t about going for power but finding a shot that is effective. Aga won’t power you off the court with a 121mph forehand cross court but it doesn’t mean you can’t win big titles you just need to find that effective shot whether it’s introducing more slice or serve/volley the variation is there but the bite is missing!

Screenshots credit to SAP Sports – WTA Finals App + WTA


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