Improvement to the second serve could see Madison Keys go from a contender to winner in 2017!

2016 was a steady year for Madison Keys as she broke into the top 10 for the first time in her career making the WTA Finals in Singapore now the challenge in 2017 is greater for the American to go from a contender to a winner but a part of her game which needs improvement is the second serve!

Into the body

Thanks to the wonderful WTA Finals App by SAPSPORTS you can see a virtual replay the Keys second serve which we saw against Kerber at Singapore.


The serve goes into the body at 77mph rom Keys and is at a good height for Kerber and she returns it down the line with interest and wins the point. Positionally the serve is too central and too short and is safe into the strike zone of Kerber who will happily return those all day long. We saw a lot of this in Singapore and I was surprised we didn’t see her try out the slice a little more.

Serve placement

Another graphic shows the serve placement of Keys v Kerber at Singapore and you can see especially on the ad side it is a little safe from the American but on the deuce side she seems to let it go a little bit more.

This might be because she is wary of Kerber’s backhand down the line so tries to keep it away from the line but a second serve between 75-82mph into the middle of the court will give Kerber time to run around the forehand and hit that backhand or relax the wrist and flick forehand return cross court.


The depth is also an issue on both sides of the court which I have split, second serve is a second chance but it’s about making it effective though. We’re talking it being nearly a metre inside the serve box which isn’t good enough.

Contender to winner…

If she is to go from a contender to a winner then this second serve needs improvement. Her first serve is so good but the difference between her first and second is massive which is odd, I’d like to see more of the slice but that would involve her potentially coming to the net more which she has got better at but there is still room for improvement.


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