Fans disappointed as IPTL announce that Federer and Serena won’t participate this year


Fans in India have been left let down and disappointed as the news has broken that Roger Federer and Serena Williams will not be participating in this year’s event.

The tournament has fallen flat on it’s face this year with just three teams taking part and has now gone down like a led balloon with the withdrawal of the worlds most famous players.

Due to the economic situation in India it has left them short of sponsorship and money this year hence the lack of top players, teams and crowds at the events they earlier today announced that Federer and Serena will not participate.

Fans have been left extremely annoyed and demanding refunds with many travelling just to see these two play but the tournament cannot afford them despite advertising for quite some time they would be in the teams…

Since the announced the IPTL have tweeted to say:

Some fans understand but you also have to feel for those who paid hundreds to be there to watch these players paying for tickets, flights and hotel accommodation to be let down by the tournament at the last minute.



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