Milos Raonic v Dominic Thiem Preview – Go big or go home!

It’s amazing how a win or a defeat can change the scene at the World Tour Finals and now it’s last chance saloon for Milos Raonic and Dominic Thiem. It’s either go big or go home!

On Day 1 Raonic saw off Monfils whereas Thiem blew a lead against Djokovic, Day 3 saw Dominic Thiem record his first win and Novak Djokovic top the group with a 7-6 7-6 win against Raonic so what will Day 5 bring?

You could say nerves have cost both players already. Thiem collapsed after winning the first set against Djokovic winning just 2 of the remaining 14 games and nerves on the big points for Raonic against Djokovic cost him the match in all honesty, big moments which could have gone either way but went one way and that wasn’t by fluke.

I want to see both go big from the beginning. They possess that big kick serve out-wide which we didn’t see too much of in their second matches and like to go big off the forehand. It will be an interesting battle off that forehand, who will blink first? Who’s forehand is more likely to break down?

Milos’ FH…

Milos’ forehand does have a tendency to break down in two situations which I’ll below…


Above I have put on a court the three forehands. Cross court which Novak worked well and tested and teased him with the up the line option and you can see as well top left of the court imagine Raonic stood where the red circle is, time and time again v Novak we saw him in this position and ended up hitting the ball right into the net!

This match is about going big or going home but there is going big and being effective and not helping your opponent.

Dominic’s FH…

Dominic’s FH is a bit flashy, he goes for that big swing of the shoulders and can produce stunning winners out of nothing but can also go wild under pressure and that’s where I think lies the issues with the one handed forehand it can sometimes be a bit wavy if you don’t stay solid!

Dominic is probably at his best with this shot when he is in the centre of the court he has less room for error and can open up that inside-out forehand cross court or the inside-in down the line but would have to go there with a lot of power as a weak forehand would open it up for Raonic.

Screenshot credit to SkySports


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