Clinical Kei breezes past Stan at the O2!

Clinical and control, just two words I would use to describe Kei Nishikori’s performance against Stan Wawrinka on Day 2 at the World Tour Finals. For Stan Wawrinka just the one word – disinterested. The US Open champion looked out of sorts and didn’t get into the rhythm of the match at all and was really disappointing.

How the first break set the tone

The first break of the match at 2-2 in set one set the tone for the match. Kei looked fresh and his game plan was spot on but for Stan it looked like a training session and it was poor from him.


Someone who is renowned for his power and depth he get’s on the ball he set up Nishikori to take control so many times and no wonder the Japanese star was dominant in points won at the net and the baseline as the short ball sets you up for that control and Kei broke down the Swiss number one’s defence really well.

Stan didn’t turn up and now needs some big motivation to keep his chance of getting to the semi-finals alive but take nothing away from Kei, I have to say that was probably his most impressive performance of the season for me and it’s interesting to see it come in the final event of the year, has he just thrown his name into the hat of contenders or are we getting carried away?

Screenshot credit to SkySports



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