Lopez demonstrates good and bad of serve and volley as Pouille progresses in Paris!

Serve and Volley is a style of tennis that you don’t see very often on the tour anymore and in the match between Lucas Pouille and Feliciano Lopez in Paris we saw the good, the bad and the ugly with serve and volley.

During the first set Lopez did a good job, there wasn’t much between the two players in set one and then the second set to be brutally honest it was dreadful from the Spaniard.

I like Lopez’ style and always have found him good to watch but I didn’t really know what was happening to be honest. We saw serve and volley not working in set two but continued to persist with it and won 8/22 net points in the second set which isn’t good at all!

To be honest there wasn’t a big issue at all with his serve during the set but lack of conviction and control at the net. One thing Pouille did better in set two was he returned serve from a deeper position on the court with more height on the bounce to give himself time to ask questions of Lopez’ net play.


You can see above the position Lopez is in and Pouille isn’t even on the run yet, that return from the Frenchman has caused him problems, he’s coming to the net for a volley and the racket head is above and behind his head and three guesses for how the point ended? An error into the net.


This one a few games before is much better from Lopez, he has to back off a little but is in control at this point right now and produces a lovely slice to win the point at the net.

The final game of the final set summed up the majority of the match for Lopez. Two serve and volley errors helped set up triple match point for the Frenchman and then on the final match point at 30-40 Lopez looked for a serve and volley on his second serve and double-faulted to lose the match.

It was a poor two sets from Lopez but credit to Pouille who did ask more questions in set two with later returns and even charged the net at times which produced panic from the experience of Lopez. Pouille will now play either Verdasco or Murray in round three.

All screenshots credit toΒ  SkySports



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