Jo leaves it too late as Andy edges crucial second set in Vienna final!

Andy Murray is having the best year of his career. The world number two now currently sits on 69 wins for the season with Paris and London still to follow and is now edging closer to being world number one and this time next week that could be possible!

The Brit’s start to the match was brilliant. He didn’t give much away and was aggressive returning the serve of Tsonga going for the Frenchman’s backhand which is his weakest shot and this was a constant present throughout the first set and for the beginning of the second and then suddenly Jo switched it up but did he leave it too late?

All of a sudden we started seeing Jo come to the net more using that serve out wide and following in with the forehand down the line to finish points. When Murray did go for his backhand he mixed it up with a slice and approached the net and you have to ask the question why didn’t he begin the match like this? He continued plugging away and got the break of serve back and then they played a crucial second set tie-break which Murray edged to win his 7th title of the year, if only Jo had started better or nicked that set we could be talking about a different outcome.

7 titles this season is a high along with Djokovic who has also won 7 and Paris suddenly becomes very important for Andy he could end the week as world number one. He’s closed the gap incredibly well this season and is just a few hundred points away now!


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