Murray sees off Agut to win 13th Masters 1000 title!

Andy Murray is playing the best tennis on the planet right now. The world number two edges closer and closer to that number one spot as he picked up his 6th title of the year and has now incredibly won 48 of his last 52 matches. Commentator and former coach of Murray Mark Petchey said on SkySports during the commentary in a previous life Murray must have been an owl because his vision is incredible even when he isn’t looking at his opponent the anticipation from the Brit is something else!

The first set was a bit of a battle, Agut fought hard and broke Murray who did see a set point at 5-4 in the opener but it ended up having to be decided in a tie-breaker dominated by the Brit which set the tone for the final set with Murray taking the match 7-6 6-1 and was simply too good for Agut.

Tactically Murray got it spot on. He used his variety to keep Agut guessing but wasn’t afraid to play into the forehand of Agut which was on fire against Novak but the Brits defence was sensational and a big factor which we saw in the second set quite a bit more was that slice.

The slice from Murray completely kills the pace of the rally, forcing the opponent back just behind the baseline and trying to generate pace against probably the best defender in the world is slightly difficult.


As you can above the slice from Murray takes the height, speed and pace off the ball but you could say put’s himself on the defensive but because he is such a good attacker from a defensive position even once he has slowed the ball down he is still in control. You can see the body position that Agut has had to take to get good contact on the ball which is so close to the ground that the Spaniard is almost on his knees and doesn’t have much of a swing to get it over the net and attack Murray and Agut ended up hitting the ball into the net.

Andy is in such great form right now! He will take the next week off and will return to action in Vienna the week beginning the 24th of October where he will be the top seed at the ATP 500 tournament there.

Screenshot credit to SkySports


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