Why Kyrgios needs a Murray like character in his box

Sadly I missed most of the tournament in Japan last week but I kept an eye on it and found myself laughing in disbelief at some of the brilliance Nick Kyrgios produced as he lifted his first ATP 500 title and then he turns up in Shanghai and when I saw what happened against Zverev I couldn’t believe what I watching.

I would have thought after that win in Japan motivation would be high and to go from one extreme to the other in a matter days of days is ridiculous.

Nick was fined Β£13,500 for his lack of effort during the match, will that make a difference? Most likely not, now the ball is in Nick’s court he knows what he has to do and I honestly believe he needs to figure and personality in his camp like Andy Murray to help him.

Nick has always had great respect for Andy. Seen him tweet support so many times and after his defeat to Andy at Wimbledon earlier this year Andy said sorry to Nick and the Australian replied with just go and win it.

The other day after the incident in Shanghai, Andy had this to say…

‘I chat to him about all sorts of things, tennis and sport, basketball. If he ever wanted to talk to me or ask me anything, I would obviously be open to that. You don’t want to see young guys who are in the spotlight, struggling and making mistakes, doing things that ultimately hurt them.

‘When he’s on his game. He’s very exciting and can play all the shots, he’s incredibly talented. It’s not easy being in the spotlight at such a young age and not everybody deals with it so well as some of the guys do. Some players love it, some players struggle to deal with the pressure.’

To hear something like that from one of the biggest players and personalities in the game I’d jump at that. I do think there is no harm in talking to players, think of the scrutiny Andy was under from the British media they didn’t leave him alone, everything he said they jumped on.

I’d like to see Nick with a solid team behind him and someone maybe even an ex-player with that advice behind him. If I were in his position I’d speak to Andy.

I want to see Nick do well and maybe he does need help but the ball is in his court and it’s up to him.


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