Why Sharapova the ITF and WADA all should have done more and taken more responsibility!

Responsibility. On a daily basis we all responsible for a number of things no matter what you do for a job.

As a sport star responsibility is high on you’re agenda as you are seen worldwide as a role-model. As a sports governing body you are responsible to inform players of rules and regulations but who is taking responsibility?

We can play the blame game all day and night but someone just needs to go I made a mistake and in this situation with Sharapova being banned and the ITF and WADA I just don’t see someone taking responsibility and this is how I see it.

WADA put out the banned substances list.
Sharapova was negligent in not checking the list.
With so many testing positive WADA could have done more to inform players.

There are things I still can’t my head around how a high profile name like Sharapova didn’t have someone on her team checking everything so closely especially when we know how big a problem doping in sport is right now.

At the same time I saw people saying WADA should have done more. The information is out there, it got sent to players it is their responsbility to check it. What else could have WADA done? I’m confused… should they have put it on a t-shirt or stuck it on the side of the number 97 bus. Responsibility.

I think everyone has learnt from this. Sport has learnt from this and all have different levels of responsibility for what happened and we can talk about negligence, information and plenty of other things but everyone involved some point down the line should have done more.

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