Caroline Wozniacki records 500th career win!

As the age of 26 Caroline Wozniacki has recorded her 500th career win. Days after her 15th birthday in July of 2005 she made her WTA tour debut in Cincinnati losing to top seed Patty Schnyder and since then has gone on achieve so much in a short space of time and has learnt a lot during her career which who knows could still go on for another 8 years or so.

Someone once said to me you can have too much too soon. I didn’t really get it at the time but I do, it’s about keeping things in perspective and keeping your feet on the ground no matter how much others talk you up, you are the one in control. I see this a lot in tennis I sometimes think that players just need to take a step back but when you are the new kid on the bloke you want to impress, everyone is talking about you but this sport is marathon and not a sprint and I think to date Wozniacki has had a good career, we can all look back and say “what if” but hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

I like to describe tennis players in three words. Their characters are as important as their on court game, the connection you make watching these players rubs off in the description.




I don’t think I’ve ever watched Caro play without that in her game, no matter if she’s having a bad day or strolling 6-0 6-0 to victory.

If I were a young tennis player right now I’d look at Wozniacki’s career and they way she composes herself on court. She has dealt with so much on and off the court during her career. Injuries, inconsistency and personal issues which have been well spoken about in the media probably has affected her tennis as it would anyone but just that name on court Wozniacki you know you are up against a fight.

There’s no hiding that the Dane has had a difficult year on the tour but never write her off. She turned up to New York without a Grand Slam win all year and the makes it to the semifinals and then kept the momentum going in Tokyo. This run could be the start of something.

2014 was a tough year for Wozniacki. It started off with the announcement of her engagement to Rory McIlroy and then in May they announced they had split which must have been incredibly tough but she picked herself up and let her tennis do the talking and after Wimbledon she was hands down the second best player on the tour throughout the rest of the year behind her good friend Serena Williams.

Wozniacki has so far had a long career but like many it does get better as they get older just look at what Murray, Kerber and Wawrinka have achieved these last couple of years even Serena. It’s about taking the opportunity and there will be plenty more, women’s tennis right now is in a bit of a transition at the top and I do believe time is on her side.


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