Front-foot & Forehand, how Wozniacki won title No.24 in Tokyo

Three words; composed, control & opportunity. Caroline Wozniacki’s performance against Naomi Osaka was a tennis lesson and you can’t help but praise such a simple but effective performance from the former world number one.

Since the beginning of the US Open I wouldn’t say there was part of her game which has lacked intensity everything is spot on and watching highlights of her match today (as 4am is too early for me) and I couldn’t help but smile it was such a good performance!


This shot is one of the best in tennis on it’s day, she can dig it out from defensive and attacking positions and some of the angles she got on were unbelievable!


From this position the options are endless and the best thing about it no matter what shot she goes for she is in control despite being on the back-foot. Caro plays at such a high intensity level and her control is immaculate, she could have been in row Z and still in-control of rallies  likewise with the backhand when she got up on the baseline there was only every going to be one result.


Wozniacki has been in plenty of finals. She knows what to do and she set the tone and was on the front foot especially after the first 50 minutes she became ruthless the match was played to hear rhythm.



This point is a service return, she’s basically telling Osaka where this rally is going and to be on the front-food seconds into the rally is tough to be up against especially when Wozniacki is in the mood.

24 titles 498 wins, many more to follow!

All screenshots credit to BT Sport



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