Lucas Pouille knocks out Nadal in New York!

New York is where dreams are made and for Lucas Pouille the dream became a reality as he stunned the crowd on Arthur Ashe with an incredibly strong and accurate performance against two time former champion Rafael Nadal who has now failed to make the quarter finals of one Grand Slam all year, the first time this has happened since 2006.During the first two sets momentum swung time and time again but it was Lucas who took the early advantage and winning the first set 6-1 was a surprise by the Frenchman but not a shock.

I watched Pouille and Nadal play before in Monte-Carlo last year which Nadal won easily 6-2 6-1 but it was quite a exciting start from Pouille but it felt like he went for everything all at once and fell short after the first couple of games but this time he remained throughout the set.

Second set was the complete opposite and you wouldn’t have been surprised if he fell flat after losing set two so easily but he kept with it and to hold his nerve as well as he did in the final set was outstanding! 

Securing the biggest win of his career on one of the biggest stages is incredible but what next for Nadal?


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