Kyle and Dan both show they belong in the big time!

Everyone wants to perform on the biggest stage in the world and for Kyle Edmund and Dan Evans they certainly did that and showed they have what it takes to compete at one of the highest levels in men’s tennis.

They have the ability and both players’ improvement over the last year or so has shown in New York, there are things both could improve on but even the very best in the world have things to improve on!

From where they have come over the last year is incredible especially Dan who was ranked outside the top 300 and is now top 70 in the world following his run in New York which is outstanding!

Now it’s about putting what has happened in New York into perspective and using that as a platform to go forward to build on and there is no better place to build this on than in Davis Cup.

Last time out Kyle was the star of the show in Belgrade and now this time the question is does captain Leon Smith pick one or both?

Andy and Jamie Murray are certain picks for the team and the questions will be…

Should you pick Dom Inglot? Jamie and Dom for doubles, or…

Pick Dan and Kyle? This would mean that you’d expect Andy and Jamie to play doubles on the Saturday.

Both have achieved so much and will again in the future I have no doubts about that but the hard work begins now to continue that climb up the rankings to make headlines once again!


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