Konta Masterclass in New York – Backhand, Intensity, Variety + Service Return

Sometimes you just have to put your hands together and say ‘too good’. British number one Johanna Konta put on a masterclass as she pretty much strolled past Belinda Bencic to reach the fourth round of the US Open.

The first few games were close and then it quickly turned into one way traffic as the Brit just took control in what was an all-round perfect performance.


The Konta backhand is one of the best on tour, from that left side to the middle of the court it was exceptional.


It’s such an incredible shot. I was watching the match and just ended up laughing to myself at just the brilliance and accuracy giving Bencic no chance at all.

Konta BH middle

It’s not just about producing brilliant backhand winners but you will see a lot of Konta going for that big backhand swing from the centre of the court going deep into the court and forcing Bencic further behind the baseline and ended up hitting errors or short balls which Konta was quick to pounce on.


To go far in these tournaments something you need is that intensity and the level from Konta throughout the match couldn’t have been higher, she didn’t let anything go during the match and was in control from the first point to the last!

She has the talent and the control to go far in this tournament and well didn’t she show that against Bencic.

Return of serve

Jo’s return of serve from Bencic’ service games was also a massive factor in the win today. When you serve you have to make your opponent move and well Bencic just didn’t do that all.

serve return

The standing position is something you have to upset as the server and it played into Konta’s racket. The say the third point of any rally is the most important as it’s the servers’ first chance after the serve to set the rhythm but Jo already had control and momentum on her side and it was too easy for her!


My favourite word in tennis, variety. We saw this from Konta she mixed it up with the serve out-wide and down the T as well as bringing in the high ball backhand, drop shot and forehand up the line.

There is no predictability with Jo which is what makes her dangerous. She has specific strengths in her game like the backhand but isn’t over-reliant on it.


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