Can Bjorkman make Cilic a top contender?

Two years Marin Cilic shocked the tennis world as he triumphed in New York now he returns to flushing meadows this year with a new coach in Jonas Bjorkman looking to succeed once again.

Two years in tennis is quite a long time and in that time I’d have to be brutally honest and saying I don’t believe Cilic has stepped up much at all.

Cilic is down at 14 in the world at the moment and during his career has just 21 top 10 wins during his career which isn’t at a level required to challenge the very best on the tour.

Cilic’s game is strong from the back of the court, I think it could be a bit more solid with his movement from the back of the court I think anticipation can be an issue which we saw when he played Federer at Wimbledon at times especially when Federer was on the defensive he seemed to lack the awareness of what could be coming from Federer’s end of the court.

I honestly don’t see Cilic as a consistent top 4 contender but more of a level that Ferrer has been consistent at for a number of years.

Remarkably looking at Cilic’s career stats this is what I found out…

Titles won

Grand Slam – 1
Masters 1000 – 0
ATP 500 – 0
ATP 250 – 14

It’s pretty unusual for a player ranked quite high and former top 10 in the world never to have won an ATP 500 even let alone a Masters title!

Also the Croat in 2015 didn’t record one top 10 win and even though it has been almost two years since he won the US Open in that time he has only picked up two top ten wins in two years!

Jonas Bjorkman joining as coach after the split with Goran Ivanisevic I think is a good move for Cilic. Jonas is a former coach of Andy Murray and helped with the serve and more net play being an excellent doubles player himself when he was playing.

To be triumphant in New York once again would take some spectacular, tennis has a history of producing spectacular moments but I have a feeling this might be a story too far for tennis this time.



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