Monica Puig advances to Olympic semi-finals!

Puerto Rico is a country with a population of about 3.5 million and one of those writing the headlines and looking to make history is Monica Puig. The 22 year old is probably one of the most down to earth and likeable players on the tour.

Puig has been on a rise since Eastbourne where she went on an excellent run and hasn’t looked back since. Puerto Rico have been competing in the Olympics since 1948 and since then in the last 68 years have won 8 medals at the Olympics with 6 of those 8 coming in Boxing but now Monica will get a chance to fight for a medal having made it to the semi-finals in Rio.

Monica has a solid game and it is a great reward through her hard work to get to this stage of a major competition something which can be seen as a once in a lifetime chance for players.

It’s no surprise that players like Keys and Puig have gone far in the tournament as the court suits players who are comfortable on the baseline with the power and accuracy they can get on the ball to continue pushing their opponents back and create those openings with the forehand and backhand changing the pace of rallies and well she is guaranteed to challenge for a medal these next couple of days even if she loses her semi-final she will contest the Bronze medal match.

At the end of the day just have a good cry!

Well done Monica!

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