Why Ivan Lendl is the man to get Andy Murray winning majors again!

If there is one man that can get Andy Murray lifting Grand Slam titles once again that man is Ivan Lendl. Murray hasn’t done too bad at the majors having made three finals since they split but has fallen in all three to no other than Novak Djokovic.

Getting to finals hasn’t been a problem for Murray but it’s that cutting edge which has been missing and is something that Ivan brought to Andy’s game in 2012 and 2013 when he won US Open, Wimbledon and of course Olympic Gold.

I think since Lendl left the team the job done by Mauresmo, Bjorkman and Delgado has been very good and shouldn’t be discredited at all but there just seems to be something about Lendl who brings this aurora of no nonsense and little emotion shown during matches.

There are plenty of aspects of Andy’s game which are exceptional however the one that needs work and is something that improved under Lendl and we saw glances of it at Queens last week was the power and winners off the forehand.


Running to that forehand side has been unpredictable as you don’t know when the Brit is just going to unleash the shot which was superb especially when it looked like he was on the defence within half a second he hit a clean winner cross court time and time again with power, precision and low height producing some stunning winners.

We saw in Andy’s first match at Wimbledon against fellow Brit Liam Broady the aggressive stance he took and planted himself on the baseline. The backhand was its usual sharp and powerful shot but like we saw at Queens the power he generated on the forehand throughout the win against Broady was too much forcing his opponent to just try and throw whatever he had at it but it wasn’t good enough.

If there is one man that can get Andy at his best again then it is Ivan.




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