Marcus Willis’ fairytale at Wimbledon comes to an end but it could just be the beginning!

All good fairy-tales come to an end and for Marcus Willis this could just be the beginning after his heroics after his run at Wimbledon.

The story of Marcus Willis has grabbed sporting headlines worldwide with praise from some of the best in the world with Roger Federer saying prior to their match this is a ‘cool story’ and tennis hasn’t had one of these feel good stories for quite some time!

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a tennis match quite like this before in my life. It’s was magnificent and enjoyable to watch and I don’t think you could have asked for a better player to play in this situation than one of Wimbledon’s greatest champions in what felt like an exhibition.

Both brought the party tricks to the table but it was that lob from Willis which stole the headlines and quite srightly to.

I don’t think we will see something like this for quite some time. This could be massive for Willis who is a coach at Warwick Boat Club and has a Coventry Tennis League match tomorrow!

No other story throughout the tournament or throughout the rest of the season will top this. To go through pre-qualifying and be a wildcard in qualifying to win 6 matches to get to the main draw and then his seventh against a top 60 ranked player is remarkable.

By the crowd reaction to him winning his first game you’d of thought he just won Wimbledon!

Well done Marcus on a great week! What is even better? He never stopped smiling!!


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